SUNDAWSON® is shattering the status quo and redefining Ready-to-Wear fashion as The New American Luxury Brand.

A fusion of fantasy and forward thinking; we personify imagination and versatility encouraging you to explore the many facets of SUNDAWSON®.

We are a reflective brand inspiring those to own IT! Show your truth, your passions, your personality and be unapologetic.

Forever co-creating moments with you.
The New Brand.

SUNDAWSON owner wearing yellow opera gloves, ripped embelished denim holding three SUNDAWSON shoe boxes


LEX DAWSON is the visionary and Creative Director behind the brand. Raw creativity, the obligation to defy the odds, inspire the next generation and simply "shake s*** up" has been her driving force powering SUNDAWSON®.

"When you have a vision, it's your duty to see it into fruition. Your purpose isn't just a thing you do, it's the feeling or thoughts you ignite by being; by creating, by submitting to your calling and showing up in all your 'unperfectness'. I do it for the girls that look like me, the ones that dare to dream big and put in the work to turn s*** to gold!"